Athens, June 6, 2013

KEMEA organized a Bilateral Training Session regarding IDIRA Project with the participation of Greek and Italian Officials. The Session took place in KEMEA’s Training facilities between 4 and 5 June 2013.

Aim of the Training

The aim of the Bilateral training (GR-IT) was to give a condensed overview on the procedures of international disaster management, especially regarding current and evolving IT systems for assisting it with the use of the IDIRA systems and functionalities. Existing knowledge on international disaster relief covering both, in the Red Cross/Red Crescent as well as EUCP contexts, will be deepened and in the consequent training and evaluation part, the participant’s end users will have to solve the posed problems in a Forest Fire scenario-based tabletop exercise, using the provided IDIRA software prototypes. The end users will not only have to demonstrate their individual leadership and collaborative skills but also prove the intuitive usability of the tested IDIRA IT-Systems.

General Training Outcome

During the two days event the IDIRA consortium partners had the opportunity to present the results of the IDIRA project so far to numerous potential users coming from diverse domains (fire brigades, military, earthquake experts, police, rescue teams, etc.) and inform them about several aspects of the project. Moreover, the Session gave the chance to the participants to receive valuable feedback from their side that will, hopefully, help the progress of the IDIRA development. It is a general belief that this Training Session may be a promising starting point for the trainings that follow the coming months.

Click here to see Seminar's report on IDIRA official page.

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Photos from the event.


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