The International Summer School "Europe in the World" address to PhD candidates, took place between 12 and 25 of September 2011. The event was realized under the auspicies and the funding of KEMEA at Political Sciences Department of the University of Crete, Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Summer School examines the role of the EU in international level, in co-relation with the consequences of the developments on the foreign policy of the EU. Furthermore, Summer School examines the influence of the global political environement on the European Policies.  In the same time, the School functions as an external "observer" to the consequences that the political initiative of European factors have upon the international political stage. Moreover, it focuses "internally" at the impact of the globalization upon the institution and the policies of the EU. Summer School is elaborating upon the "Europe in the World" topic in theoretic and in experience level as well, but in the same it uses all the reqired terms of research methodology. Summer School, through the use of specific cases, examines various research techniques, including acknowledged methods from the fields of Comparative Policy, Speech Analysis, and Foreign Policy and International Reations Analysis.

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