The Critical Infrastructure, public and private sector included (eg energy, transport, water source, communications, health industry, government agencies) have a crucial role in the proper functioning of society. As consequence, they would be protected in the best possible way.

Possible suspension in the normal operation of the Critical Infrastructure could create significant problems to the normal functioning of society. Therefore, required to be implemented trainings for the staff of the agencies which directly or indirectly be involved in the Critical Infrastructure Protection, as well the Critical Infrastructure operators.

Aim of the Project:

This project aims to strengthen the protection of the Critical Infrastructures via training the officers as well as the executives of the services involved in the Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Objectives of the Project:

The objectives of this project are to train and build awareness for the emergency officers and operators of Critical Infrastructure. Through training on subjects of planning, best practices, risk assessment methodology, operational analysis and communication management could be achieved a minimum level of security, in order Critical Infrastructure resilience to be enhanced.

The working packages are listed below:

WP0: Project management and coordination.
WP1: Trainers team formation, training framework planning, training material and special handbook creation.
WP2: Training material reproduction.
WP3: Implementation of the trainings.
WP4: Special handbook reproduction.
WP5: Promotion - publicity



A Project partially funded by EU (75%) and national funds (25%), crediting Public Account No 2016ΣΕ05020023 /SAE 050/2, titled: " Targeted trainings for enhancing the protection of Critical Infrastructures " – European Fund on Internal Security National Programme/ Police Cooperation Branch 2014-2020.




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