Title: Strategic AssessmenT for LAW and Police Coocperation


Grant agreement no: JUST-JCOO-AG-2017/800816


Duration: 1 August 2018 - 31 January 2021


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Research area:

EU-HYBNET is a Pan-European network of security practitioners, stakeholders, academics, industry players, and SME actors across EU collaborating with each other in ever increasing numbers to counter hybrid threats. EU-HYBNET aims to build an empowered, sustainable network beyond the scope of the project through its on-going association with a key partner,

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the six-monthly report on the application of Directive 2104/41/EU on the European Order of Criminal Investigation, in order to detect the state of harmonization and its interrelation with other judicial instruments in the various European countries. The expected results are:

  • an increased capacity of national authorities to address issues related to judicial cooperation in criminal matters;
  • to align the EU relevant case-law of the CJEU/ECtHR;
  • prosecutors and judges have further specialised knowledge and experience in respective fields;
  • a closer cooperation between LEAs, Prison Police and Judiciary;
  • an increased awareness of policy makers and technocrats related to judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

The Sat-Law project target groups are the following:

  1. Judges, courts, investigative judges, public prosecutors, and, to a lesser extent, lawyers;
  2. Police forces and LEAs, at central and local level;
  3. Prison Police, prison staff and surveillance judges/courts;
  4. The Civil Society.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s JUST-JCOO-AG-2017/800816




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