Title: Law Enforcement Intelligence Learning Applications


Grant agreement no: 608303


Duration: 1 April 2014 – 31 May 2016


Links:  CORDIS  Website


Research area:

The aim of the LEILA project is to provide law enforcement organizations with an innovative learning methodology to address the improvement of Intelligence analysis (IA) capabilities like critical thinking, awareness of cognitive biases, improved capabilities in filtering and analyzing massive amount of data, decision making under social and time pressure, collaboration skills, creative intelligence, communication skills.
The radical innovation of LEILA holistic approach is brought by the combination of several fields which are normally explored and applied separately such as:

  • psycho-sociological and cognitive factors in decision making (e.g. decision biases, critical thinking, multiple reasoning strategies, creativity);
  • decision making strategies under uncertainty (e.g. Bayesian approaches, game theory);
  • group interaction dynamics in intelligence analysis.

A variety of learning experiences (e.g. games of deterrence, intelligence analysis under stress, emergence in highly collaborative situations) are elaborated and computerized in different serious games, that offer the possibility to actively acquire the new IA skills from the different angles.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 608303




European Commission