Title: Enhancing the Fair Trial for people suspected or accused of crimes


Grant agreement no: DG JUST-JACC-AG-2017/802040


Duration: 1 October 2018 – 30 September 2020


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The problem of ensuring fair trial to persons suspected or accused of crime in the European Union through establishing minimum standards for their rights in the course of the criminal proceedings has become a serious challenge due to the significant differences in the national legal frameworks of the Member States.The FAIR project comes to overcome this issue by enhancing their rights, as well as by contributing to the practical implementation of several European Directives, which establish the minimum standards for procedural rights in criminal proceedings.

This is why the main concept of FAIR is to reach persons suspected or accused of crime and empower them with knowledge of their rights enshrined in the EU Directives by providing information in different languages and manners using innovative technological approach.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s REC PROGRAMME 2014-2020: Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme 2014-2020




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