Title: Judicial Strategy Against all Forms of Violent Extremism in Prison


Grant agreement no: DG JUST-AG–2016-03/763714


Duration: 15 July 2018 – 14 July 2020


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Research area:

Objectives: 1) support judges to pronounce informed decision sentencings on cases of radicalisation at all stages of the procedures through the use of the most appropriate risk assessment tools, also with the support of ‘Legal Expert of the Court for Radicalisation Assessments’; 2) Support prison and probation staff in the execution of sentences through a coherent set of programmes and an integrated flow of information, parallel to ECRIS, among multilevel and multiagency stakeholder. Expected results: MS will 1.better deal with FTF and radicals in a multi-disciplinary and holistic way, including sharing of relevant information along the whole ‘prison pipeline’; 2. better coordinate strategies for tailor-made, case-by-case rehabilitation programs, based on a proper risk assessments and taking due account to the balance between security and FR. 3. Work in complementarity with EU strategies.




This project was funded by the Justice Programme




European Commission