Title: Assessing impact and performance of preventive measures on EU Directives and Framework Decisions


Grant agreement no: DG JUST-JCOO-AG-2018/831616


Duration: 1 October 2019 – 31 August 2020


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Research area:

Objectives: (1) Balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation in line with the provisions of the EU Security Agenda on prevention; (2) Coherence between new hybrid investigations in ‘intelligence-led police approach’ and EIO/EAW to prevent excessive de-juridicalisation; (3) Compatibility of preventive security measures in prison with ‘spirit’ and provvisions of Framework Decisions 2008/909/ 947/829/JHA to prevent desocialisation; (4) Impact of prevention policies and practices on MLAs and the Brexit transition. Activities: Establishment of a stable network of MoJs on prevention policies (WP1); EU Servey (WP2); Fusion & Consolidation (WP3); Judicial Living Labs (WP4); Dissemination (WP5) Type and number of persons benefiting from the project: Target: 500 among Judges, courts, investigative judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers; 200 LEAs; 500 Prison Police, prison staff and surveillance judges/courts; 50 managers from Intelligence Agencies, 100 legal experts (criminologists, etc.). 27 MoJ, 10 MoI and 10 Intelligence agencies. Results: (1) increased capacity of national judicial authorities and security and justice agencies to address issues of judicial cooperation in criminal prevention; (2) Align the EU acquis and relevant case-law of the CJEU/ECtHR in the field of prevention; (3) prosecutors and judges have further specialised knowledge and experience in criminal prevention; (4) Implement the EU Security Agenda from a Judical perspective; (5) Coherent applicatioon of MLAs and Data Exchange with third countries in the specific area of judical prevention Type and number of deliverables to be produced: Open Source Platform; Web Portal-Multilanguage; On-line Training Courses (Platform CoE HELP, 500 practitioners trained); 4 Judicial Living Labs; 3 researches; 4 Factsheets; 2 Manuals; 6 Newsletters, 1 Media campaign; 2 Conferences in Italy and Bulgaria.




Co- Funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme 2014-2020




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