Title: DroneWISE


Grant agreement no: ISFP-2019-AG-PROTECT/952825


Duration: 1 June 2020 – 1 June 2022


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Research area:

DroneWISE will deliver a series of practical end-user focused measures designed to amplify and augment the multi-agency response to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) terrorist attacks on public spaces. DroneWISE will develop a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for first responders, supported by Counter-UAV Command Training for all first-responder agencies, including tactical options and decision-making frameworks, underpinned by a Counter-UAV Command Training Handbook, all being made readily accessible via a Counter-UAV Online Training Portal.

The combination of DroneWISE measures will serve to significantly improve the coordinated emergency response to better protect public spaces from UAV terrorist attack.




This project has received funding from the European Union's Security Fund Call ISFP-2019=AG-PROTECT (Call for proposals on protection in the specific content of counterterrorism) under grant agreement 952825




European Commission