Title: Secure Dynamic Cloud for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperability based on Pan-European Disaster Inventory


Grant agreement no: 607832


Duration: 1 May 2014 - 30 April 2017


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Research area:

SecInCoRe will design a Secure Dynamic Cloud based concept for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperability including information exchange and access to a ‘common information space’. This will be based on a pan-European disaster inventory focusing on specific artefacts of response to regional, national as well as cross European emergencies and disasters. SecInCoRe develops models for sustainable access to the information gathered throughout the project dependent on the type of stakeholder from open access to commercial service provision; the technical system concept will be assessed by first responders and police authorities, belonging to one or more European Member States, for collaborative management of emergencies and disasters.

Knowledge and concepts are transferred to a fully functional cloud system which will be conceived to be lively used by emergency first responders and police authorities. The variety of different emergency IT-systems presents a new set of challenges to end-users involved in the effective management of emergencies and actions of law enforcement. To meet these challenges SecInCoRe will implement and integrate an end-user driven pan-European inventory of past critical events. To learn out of the events a secure, dynamic cloud based knowledge base and communication system concept will be implemented.

This approach will be enhanced by a conceptual integration of available technology into a network enabled communication system for first responder organisations. Thus the main project benefit will be to enable collaboration and exploitation of emergency information at the EU level. Using this system concept, improved emergency operation management will be performed at cross-border and national incident scenes. Furthermore it offers a usable playing field for European industry. Within the scope of crisis management, the project will provide official public users with means to specify their needs and to assess the tcloud emergency system.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607832





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