KEMEΑ in collaboration with the European University of Cyprus (EUC) has developed a common framework of actions for the proper promotion of the Security and Citizen Protection in any level. The main objective of this collaboration is to create all the necessary institutions, procedures and structures, which will allow the exchange of know-how, the transfer of experiences, and the orgainaztion of common actions and programmes between KEMEA and the EUC in mutual interest issues.

The object of this collaboration includes the promotion and support of actions relevant to the Security and the Protection of the Citizen in Greece and Cyprus. More specifically, KEMEA and EUC intend to provide educational, supporting and consulting services within the framework of know-how and experience exchange regarding the following:

• Educational activities in undergraduate and graduate level

• Composition and submission of european projects and development programmes tenders

• Implementation and Management of various Projects and Programmes

• Drafting of Security and Protection studies

• Technical Consultant in the Security sector services provided

• Bilateral Working Groups and Work Groups creation

• Strengthening of resources and infrastructures

• Exchange of Scientific Personnel for a predifined period and upon specific projects

More specifically, this collaboration may be related to the following issues:

• Critical Infrastructure Protection and especially, those described in the EC Directive regarding the Critical Infrastructure Protection 114/2008 EC

• Risk Assessement regarding Physical Security Systems

• Natural Disasters Resillience

• Major Events Security Management

• Crisis Management trough the use of advanced technologies and systems

In order for the aim of this collaboration to be realized, the formation of a Scientific Team is currently in developing phase. The scope of this Team will be to define in any case the framework of this collaboration, it will empower the proper communication between the two carriers, it will promote the exchange of information and know-how as well as the co-ordination of any necessary actions in the two parties common fields.

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