The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) is the primary European multi stakeholder platform for biometrics, aiming at the communication and community building, training and education, and research and program development. KEMEA is an active full member of the EAB since January 2016, and has participated in conferences presenting efforts from involvement in projects exploring the utilization of biometrics.

The EAB engages stakeholders from all European countries including the European Commission and the European Parliament, by establishing a pan European network of national contacts points and platforms and by providing a program that appeals to common needs.

The EAB is committed to contribute to the development of technologies and services that ensure safety, security, interoperability and the protection of human rights, including the right to privacy.

The European Association for Biometrics envisions and strives for a future where biometric and allied technologies are used in the service of Europe and for the benefit of all.

Visit EAB's website at www.eab.org



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