EFFECTOR is an End to end Interoperability Framework For MaritimE Situational Awareness at StrategiC and TacTical OpeRations

The EFFECTOR project aims to enhance maritime surveillance, improve decisions support, and foster collaboration of maritime stakeholders by implementing an Interoperability Framework and associated Data Fusion and Analytics services for Maritime Surveillance and Border Security. The EFFECTOR system will allow faster detection of new events, better informed decision making, achievement of a joint understanding and undertaking of a situation across borders, allowing seamless cooperation between operating authorities and on-site intervention forces ensuring that all existing privacy and data protection rules are fully respected.  


You will find the First Press Release here: EFFECTOR Project 1st Press Release


Further, you can stay in touch with the project by following EFFECTOR on its social media pages

EFFECTOR LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/68868072 (EFFECTOR H2020 Project) 

EFFECTOR Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/effector_h2020  (@effector_h2020)



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