Develop, design, and deliver a global strategy and a toolkit for an integrated approach to urban security

IcARUS is a four-year project funded by the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission, comprising eighteen partners, including the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA).

IcARUS held its Kick-off Meeting online on the 21st and the 22nd of September 2020. KEMEA participated in the discussions throughout the event’s duration presenting its role and capabilities within IcARUS as well as its contribution to the successful implementation of the project’s objectives.  

The significance of the IcARUS project is highlighted by the European Agenda for Security, which has identified several multi-level security threats such as radicalisation, terrorism, organised crime, cybercrime and trafficking. Ιn effect, the European Commission included in the European Urban Agenda an urban security section for the first time in 2018. Hence, IcARUS seeks to facilitate a transformation in the application and utilisation of the knowledge base in urban security by adopting existing innovative tools to develop an adaptable toolkit for security actors so as to better respond to the above mentioned urban security issues.  The policies in strategic level and the toolkit to be put in use will cover four priority areas: 1. Juvenile delinquency; 2. Trafficking and organised crime; 3. Public spaces; 4. Radicalisation.  

In this context, the project will provide a comprehensive analysis of the progress achieved as regards urban security over the last 30 years in order to identify needs, tools and institutional barriers; it will develop an innovative toolkit to reinforce the strategic approach to urban security and implement it through demonstrations that will be organised by six municipal authorities, involved as partners in the project; it will engage multiple local security actors aiming to contribute to the proper development of the toolkit, making knowledge accessible and transferable to a wide community of Law Enforcement Agencies, policy-makers and citizens.

KEMEA’s role will be manifold, contributing to the adoption of the innovation and the analysis of urban security policies over the past decades. Furthermore, KEMEA will be also active in organising training sessions for the use of the toolkit, while also being heavily involved in the project’s communication and dissemination activities, creating the necessary impact for the proper promotion of the IcARUS’ project outcomes.




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Project No: 882749

Start Date: 01/09/2020

Project Duration: 48 months



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