The final Conference of the RAD2CITIZEN project, entitled "Extremism, Radicalization and Citizenship” was completed with success and important and frutiful conclusions. The Action started on January 1, 2020 and was co-financed by the EU Internal Security Fund (75%) and national resources (25%).

The in-presence Conference was held in Toulouse (France) with the participation of all the Consortium’s partners, as well as the participation of first-line practitioners (mainly social workers, educators and officials of the Municipality of Toulouse), in order to be informed about the results of the project.

RAD2CITIZEN’s Consortium is consisted of the following European partners: Toulouse Métropole (Coordinator of the project), the Center for Security Studies under the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection (KEMEA), the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Salzburg – FHS), the City Council of Malaga and the non-governmental association CIFAL Málaga.

To address the phenomenon of Radicalization, RAD2CITIZEN is aimed particularly at young people, with a view to deconstructing this pathway to violence and radicalization as early as possible. The aim of the project is to reduce the violence associated with radicalization, using four methods: coordinating all stakeholders both locally and across Europe, pooling data and analysis, building a common culture, and developing synergies between actions in order to harmonize responses.

The opening speech of the Conference was conducted by the Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole, Attractiveness, Tourism, Europe and International, Mr. Jean-Claude DARDELET, while the working activities continued with the parallel holding of four (4) thematic workshops,  formed as follows: Workshop 1 - Awareness of territorial analysis, Workshop 2: Handling of a prevention tool on multiple identities, Workshop 3: Pocket guide to preventing radicalism (coordinated by KEMEA’s team) and Workshop 4: Action and training plans to coordinate the management of migratory flows and associated identity conflicts.

The program resumed with the presentations of the project analytical results, the tools adapted to its needs and its respective perspectives by the Coordinating team and the European partners.

The actions of the Project are completed on September 30, 2022.










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