Athens 23 March 2023



Spring has officially launched with the spring equinox! For 47 years, FAO has chosen the same day to be celebrated as the International Day of Forests.

At a time when climate is changing, resilience and adaptation and key topics for societies against natural disasters. SILVANUS project offers an innovative technology platform for preventing, responding to wildfires, pre- and post-fire restoration. In addition, it develops new policies and new innovative citizen engagement activities, to provide a holistic solution and to contribute to the effort of the European Union Green Deal to:

  • no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050;
  • economic growth decoupled from resource use;
  • no person and no place are left behind.

The Center for Security Studies, one of the SILVANUS project partners, is working consistently and decisively towards this direction.

Click on the link below to watch the SILVANUS project objectives:

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