The EU-HYBNET 3rd Future Trends Workshop took place on April 19th, 2023 in Bucharest. Current and future hybridthreats were discussed, as well as solutions for practitioners. Discussion panels focused mainly on disinformation, cyberthreats, and societal resilience as a defence to hybridwarfare.

During these panels, experts debated about several manifestations of hybridtreats. Undoubtedly the weaponization of information, technologies, critical infrastructures, and CBRN materials has intensified, and paying more attention is crucial. It was highlighted that concrete actions, training & exercise should be carried out, to build a resilient society. Everyone agreed that the key to fighting hybridthreats is public involvement. Participants also discussed the importance of the Arctic and the necessity to focus more on this strategic region for EU and NATO as it is already being targeted by hybridthreats.


The EU-HYBNET 3rd Annual Workshop took place on April 20th, 2023 in Bucharest. Cyberattacks and their harm to our economy and society were discussed. How FIMI and hybridthreats spread, influence perceptions, and relate to national vulnerabilities as well as cultural differences were the areas of focus.

During the AW2023 panel, experts from European External Action Service & Europol joined our consortium to share their experience in countering hybridthreats. During the pitches session, which additionally took place, the providers of innovative solutions on security-related topics joined us to present research and innovations which could contribute to countering Hybridthreats. Their work plays an important role in identifying propaganda and disinformation. Participants also discussed topics related to fakenews and the role of police forces in countering hybridthreats. Interesting tools that can help to build awareness and resilience were presented.








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