Athens, 1 June 2017

Between 17th and 19th May 2017, the INSPEC2T consortium were brought together at the European University Cyprus in Engomi, Cyprus for the project’s 3rd Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and External Experts Group (EEG) workshop and the 4th Plenary Meeting.

The SAG and EEG workshop took place on 17th and 18th May and brought the consortium together with 35 external stakeholders, including;

• 17 local officials, LEA Officers and representatives from the local security industry,
• High ranking Police Officers from across the EU, including Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, and Greece,
• Officials from EU Organisations, including EUNWA and PSNI, and
• University Professors from the USA, Greece, and Cyprus

The workshop kicked-off with a welcome from project coordinator Dr. George Leventakis, from the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), and an overview of the project from George Papalexandratos (KEMEA).

The project overview provided workshop participants with information on the integrated INSPEC2T platform, the project’s user driven approach, the five test cases, and the upcoming Next Generation Community Policing (NGCP) conference taking place in Crete between 25-27 October 2017.

The following presentations on day 1, included:

• An overview of the progress and achievements by Work Package 3 focusing on the INSPEC2T architecture
• An overview of the INSPEC2T solution including information on the features for citizens (mobile app, public portal, and awareness games) and for Law Enforcement Agencies (secure portal, mobile app, CAD, and training simulator)
• Information on the Serious/Awareness Raising Games – Resource Force and Photo Challenge that have been developed and tested in Preston, Belfast, Valencia, and Groningen
• An update on the first INSPEC2T test case which took place in Belfast in April, which involved 65 participants and five scenarios
• An update on the Valencia Test Case which took place in May 2017 and involved 70 participants and scenarios focusing on domestic violence, pickpocketing, bullying, robberies, and street deficiencies
• Information on the Phase 2 test case that will take place in Groningen in October and November 2017
• Information on the Phase 2 Preston test case which will take place in the UK in November 2017

The presentations were followed by Q&A discussion sessions, enabling participants to share their valuable expertise and feedback with other. The second day of the workshop began with presentations from partner ADITESS, who hosted the three-day meeting. Their presentations discussed the objectives of the Cyprus test case, the user driven approach adopted, and the achievements so far. Workshop participants also had the opportunity to see a demo of the INSPEC2T solution and its different features including the secure portal and mobile application. The SAG and EEG workshop concluded with a presentation from EXUS on the main functionalities of the INSPEC2T Training and Simulation Platform, including the ability to add a report and to create a scenario.

The SAG and EEG workshop was followed by the 4th INSPEC2T Plenary Meeting, which took place from the afternoon of 18th May until 19th May. Coming so soon after the first phase of INSPEC2T test cases had concluded provided the perfect opportunity for consortium members to discuss the preliminary findings from Belfast, Valencia, and Engomi and use this information for the planning and preparation of the phase 2 test cases taking place in Preston and Groningen. The plenary meeting included presentations on Work Packages 4-8, providing updates on the progress that had been made over the past six months and the activities that will be undertaken in the coming six months. In addition, the consortium had the opportunity to hear from EEG member, Dr. Jougleux, about data protection and the implications of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented next year.





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