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The Center for Security Studies has completed in success the 3rd Summer Academy of Security Studies, that took place in Athens, from 25 to 29 of June, 2018, with the participation of forty one (41) executives from the Hellenic Police. The Academy focused on the thematic issue of "Security Planning in a Crisis ridden context".

The Director of KEMEA Ioannis Tafillis inaugurated the Academy and presented its philosophy and goals. Twelve (12) academics, researchers, law enforcement officers as well as KEMEA’s executives were the teachers of the Academy, while honorary guest speaker, during the 4th day, was the Secretary General of Religious Affairs, George Kalantzis.

The aim of the 3rd Summer Academy was to train participants on a series of critical issues on security at a global level, focusing on the areas of Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and the Western Balkans. In addition, this year's special added value was to provide a scientific background for modern security planning issues tailored to the educational and operational needs of the Hellenic Police.

At the same time, two (2) workshops were held regarding the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the phenomenon of violent radicalization.

The Academy's closing ceremony was held by the KEMEA’s BoD President and Scientific Coordinator of the Academy, Professor Panagiotis Tsakonas who addressed the importance of preserving the initiative of the Summer Academy and offering high level education to the public officials.



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