KEMEA, enhancing its scientific partnership with the internationally distinguished in criminal justice matters John Jay College of the City University of New York – U.S.A., participated for second consecutive year in the activities of the undergraduate course “Global Security: The Case Study of Greece” that was held in Athens, from 24 June to 24 July 2018.

In specific, on 12 July 2018, the ten sophomores that participate in the university course visited, accompanied from their instructor, the premises of KEMEA and attended the educative programme «Initiatives and Actions of KEMEA Toward the Establishment of a National and European Security Framework» that was focused on Border Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security and Immigration. American students were enthusiastic on the agenda and shared knowledge and best practices that are implemented in both continents.

In parallel, the research associates of KEMEA scheduled visits to departments of Hellenic Police, where the students had the opportunity to be informed from expertised officers on special security issues.

On 23 July 2018, KEMEA organised a farewell lunch during which participants discussed about the positive outcomes of their studies in Greece and the collaboration framework between KEMEA and John Jay College on scientific and educational fields. At the end of the ceremony, students expressed their gratitude and set an appointment with the sophomores of 2019 class that will be hosted in Athens next summer.  


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