From the 13th till the 15th of November 2018, the new H2020 project MIICT (ICT Enabled Services for Migration), coordinated by CENTRIC has been officially launched, in Sheffield Hallam University. This project, is conceived with the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools that address the challenge of migrant integration through the co-creation of improved ICT-enabled services with migrants, public sector services and NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organizations).

On the 13th of November, the Center of Security Studies (KEMEA) along with other 14 organizations from 10 different countries that compose MIICT consortium, have attended a symposium, where a sister project (NADINE) as well as other relevant studies and initiatives were presented, depicting a diverse set of themes connected to the overall objectives of the MIICT project. The next one and a half days were dedicated to the official kick-off meeting, where all the consortium members presented and shared relevant insights and findings, shaping strong and long-lasting partnerships through thorough discussions around the structural, managerial, and procedural issues of MIICT project.

KEMEA participates to several stages of the project, offering its vast expertise as research partner to specifically define Operational and End User Requirements and “translate” them to Technical Specifications for the development of “IMMERSE” (Integration of Migrants MatchER SErvice), a database system that captures the specific socio-cultural, economic and legal contexts of migrants that is shared with public authorities. KEMEA also contributes to the validation of inventory and the system design, being involved both in the final demonstration events for end-users and stakeholders, and in the results’ Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation to Critical Infrastructure stakeholders.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Coordination & Research and Innovation Action under Grant Agreement No 822380



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