Co-operation in Major Events security issues

Within the framework of valuate the knowledge and experience the greek security authorities gained during the planning and the implamantation of the security measures in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, KEMEA took up specific initiatives and developed targeted actions, in orde to transfer the know-how of Major Events organization in th security sector.

Co-operation with the U.K. regarding the Olympic Games London 2012 

July 2009 : KEMEA debriefed the representatives of Intelligence Services responsible for the security of the Olympic Games 2012, regarding security issues relevant to the ad hoc organizational structure of the Olympic Intelligence Center in order to cover the needs of the Games.

Μay 2008: ΚΕΜΕΑ administration and the Chief of Scotland Yard Sir Ian Blair accompanied by the head officer and other high ranked officials responsible for the security of the Olympic Games 2012 accompinied bey the head officer and high ranked officials responsible for the security of London 2012 Olympic Games, realized a work meeting having as an objective the bilateral co-operaton for security isseus relaated to the London 2012 Olympic Games, followed by further discussion during the meeting between the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection and the Head of the Hellenic Police on the same day. The co-operation concerned in the transfer of know-how and experience gained during the preparation, the realization, and implementation of the necessary security measures of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, to the British authorities. During this meeting, KEMEA experts presented issues of general planning regarding Olympic Security. The Chief of Scotland Yard expressed his absolute contentment reagrding this meeting and expressed his will for further co-operation between the two parts.

July 2007 : A 3-days Conference for the Security of London 2012 Olympic Games has organized fulfilling an official request of the British authorities and more specifically of London Metropolitan Police. The British authorities have already expressed their will for further co-operation between the two sides.



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